Meet Elemento, a range of the bare essential products required to make spaces work and meet our basic human needs. Each piece is designed and precision crafted in a selection of timeless colors.

The captivating simplicity of the designs contributes to the economy of scale, making the pieces well suited for large projects, small budgets and tight deadlines. Add value to the spaces you create, with long term solutions which are low maintenance, versatile, affordable, flat-packable and high quality.

Transform the everyday, with a touch of practical inspiration from the Elemento range.

Practical Furniture Can Change The Game.

Experience the perfect blend of form and function with our meticulously crafted, practical designed furniture at made@Scale.

to endure

Indulge in the lasting beauty and durability of our meticulously crafted furniture, thoughtfully designed to endure through time




Our Work

At made@Scale, our work ethic is the bedrock of our success. With unwavering dedication and passion, our team of skilled designers and craftsmen embrace every project with a commitment to excellence. We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail and refuse to compromise on the quality of our creations. As we weave innovation and creativity into our manufacturing process, we ensure that each piece reflects the essence of our customers’ aspirations and desires. Our relentless pursuit of perfection drives us to deliver functional, beautiful, and cost-effective furniture solutions for every home, office, and leisure setting.

Lead by Design

made@Scale stands at the forefront of the industry, pioneering cutting-edge design that sets new standards and redefines the art of furniture manufacturing.

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