Utility Board


Now everything has a place. Get your stuff in order with an array of versatile accessories to simply hook on and off the modular wall plate. Mix, match, arrange and change; organize your life with this versatile utility.


  • Steel finish selection
    [mild steel raw / mild steel powder coated / stainless steel]
  • Size 500mm (h) | 1600mm (w) | 225mm (d)

Welding Table


Get the job done quickly and accurately with this
indispensable welding companion.
Create a dynamic and compact workstation with a table that is
perfectly level, heavy duty and infinitely practical.


  • Steel Finish Selection
    [mild steel raw / mild steel powder coated / stainless steel]
  • Size
    907mm (h) | 1600mm (w) | 700mm (d)

Chest Of Drawers


Effortlessly store and access your things in this timeless chest of drawers. This design humbly celebrates functionality with meticulous steel craftsmanship, understated curves and honest material use. Drawers are stripped to the essence, to provide you with an opportunity to organize, use, collect, and do so much more.


  • Mild Steel Frame and Drawers
    [colour selection available]
  • Top Material
    [mild steel / solid wood / stone]
  • Drawer Liner
    [cork / leather / felt ]
  • Size
    919mm (h) | 1200mm (w) | 600mm (d)